Slow motion Birds in flight
As a pilot I love flight. As a slow motion cinematographer I love anything that moves fast. So anything that flies and moves fast works for me. These are a few slow motion clips of birds in flight.
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  • Marlin

    where ma son pls

  • Blankarte

    Music is not majestic or relaxing :(

  • Fabio Vezzari
    Fabio Vezzari

    Thank you so much, I am building an ornithopter and this video is so helpful for understanding their mechanics! Thanks!


    AMAZING!!!! Thank you for this wonderful video!

    • UltraSlo

      My pleasure. I love to share what I see in the world!

  • LegendOfMoonDragons

    This is so useful for me as an animator. Beautiful footage!

    • UltraSlo

      Thank you. I have many animators that use my footage as a pattern.

  • Big Bottle Music record label
    Big Bottle Music record label

    I LOVE your video. Would you be kind enough to let me have permission to use a few shots in a little music video I am making please? It's a love song called Perfect that I have recorded at home...and will also have slo-mo white horses in it.Thank you in advance. Perry

  • JustcuzitsEpic

    "the compulsive observer" .. hmm.. that describes me well .. Nice. You win a subscriber :D

  • Entre Átomos
    Entre Átomos

    + UltraSlo could I borrow 20 seconds of your footage for a video explaining the differences in flight between a bird and a plane. It would be awesome to add some slow-motion footage to my video. If you agree I will, of course, mention your channel in the video and in the video description. Kind Regards, Samuel.

    • UltraSlo

      Entre Átomos please send a link to the completed show. It will be fine for non commercial works.

  • Mika Badyal
    Mika Badyal

    yo whats the soundtrack to this bihh

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson

  • Darlington

    I just listened to the trap nation version of waves on repeat while replaying this five times Because I Can.

  • lunatika

    this is beautiful and extremely useful in my research (for a novel)! :D thanks!

  • Lenar Laurito
    Lenar Laurito

    Wow amazing specially at 1:25 I would like to see the complete fly. It is possible?

  • LiteratiCircle

    wow; fascinating, indeed. So I filmed this bird in slow motion. I'm trying


    pefect OF GOD

  • lázaro Melo
    lázaro Melo


  • mikexhotmail

    Love your video. I am designing a smart phone( just for fun) and would love to use your clip to run on the screen of my phone no commercial involve. I hope you don't mind.

    • Chickeb Ding
      Chickeb Ding

      fuck off

  • Lα∂y Q & YѺU❣
    Lα∂y Q & YѺU❣


  • Our own little 3d world
    Our own little 3d world

    Thanks, this helps with my animation class.

  • Daniel

    Thanks! This helped a lot with visualizing the movement I need for an ornithopter I'm designing.

  • Andres Celano
    Andres Celano

    My biggest dream would be to invent a set of wings to take flight on.

    • Emerald The Dutchie
      Emerald The Dutchie

      Me too

    • Thanos Stoulis
      Thanos Stoulis

      Me too

    • Bllazic

      Shiny Kingdra I'd say wingsuiting is closer, you're essentially a gliding squirrel.

    • D. N.
      D. N.

      We have hang gliding which is the closest thing to human free flight.

    • The Crow
      The Crow


  • Danhtran1122

    Nice video, up motions either tilt or contract the wings to minimize surface thus reduce drag and down motions are expand and flat out the wings horizontal to maximize surface to increase lift.

    • Malek Ellouz
      Malek Ellouz

      @Danhtran1122 The immured feathers are also capable of being altered in pitch and yawn by the integument cavity. Feathers slightly separate on the upstroke while contracting inwards during the down stroke to minimize drag and maximize surface area for lift.

  • Murray L
    Murray L

    Thanks for this, been looking for good reference for bird's wings for my 3D rigs, very, very helpful!

  • Lingaraj Patnaik
    Lingaraj Patnaik

    Transverse Wave Propulsion in Fish and Birds Near to my home at Chatrapur, Odisha, there is a beautiful lake, Tampara, which I used to frequent and boat across. Once I was intently watching fish trying to figure out how they swam. I ruled out the flimsy fins as propulsion apparatus. Fins may be useful for ensuring stability and control but not for providing propulsion. I observed, every time a fish starts moving, the movement starts with a side wise shake of its head and a subsequent wave in its body which proceeds to the tail. I intuited that the wave profile, while it proceeded from head to tail, pushed the surrounding water backwards. By Newton’s third law of motion, the reaction from the surrounding water pushed the fish forward. Later, I took my sister’s school box and put some water and a small sheatfish in to it and closely watched the fish swim. After perhaps an hour, I was convinced that I was correct. Subsequently, referring to the Encyclopedia Britannica, I found the very same concept was described to explain the motion of fish.

  • Mysticsloth

    this really helps to understand how bird flight works.

  • Emi Kight
    Emi Kight

    1:25 of the goose take-off is great, you can observe the subtly of the boy tilt back as wings are compressed & twisted backward. Good video to show a great twist in the end of the wing (primary feathers) to act like a propeller . My favorite part around 1:53 where as the wing is pushing down, it has generated enough thrust to fight the drag in order to accelerate in horizontal direction. Is that the instant when the center of gravity changes too? The body is tilted backwards initially so the center of gravity moves behind axis of foot/lower leg which creates a tilt back and when the bird is flying in horizontal direction the center of gravity would be located between gizzard and crop much like a jet plane on a runway must have its center of gravity between the main and front loading gears or it will tip because the normal force supporting the jet is shared between gears.

  • Techition

    And then there's my youngest feathered baby who tries to fly and it's a lot of uneven flap with no lift XD Ah well, he'll get the hang of it some day.

  • mancalledclay

    such incredible footage...thank you. hope you don't mind!!! STARTRAIL* (Kontact 2014 mix) by mancalledclay

  • yaya2006

    what setting is at the camera to produce this awesomeness.

    • UltraSlo

      This was set up so that the bird was in the sun with all of the background in the shade. It was some time age so the rest of the settings are gone. Expose for the white on a dark background and good luck!

  • yaya2006

    Amazing Slow Motion Seagull Dive Bombing for a Fish At Woodbine Beach,Toronto, Canada