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Dr. Laurie: So we get asked all the time, should you clip your birds wings? People seem to think that there's something terrible about clipping birds wings. Actually, it's really, really important. I clip my own birds wings. The reason it's important is that birds get into everything. They fly. They're unlike other pets that we have in our homes. As such, it's wonderful for them to fly, but they get into trouble.
They fly around into mirrors, out windows and doors. They'll fly on top of the door. We won't know they're there. We might close the door and then slam the door on their toes. They will fly into hot pots of water. They'll get stuck in places. So wing trimming is important and I think the thing to remember is that it's not permanent. So if you trim a birds wings they will grow back. Do you want to explain how we do that a little bit?
Sarah: Absolutely, one of the biggest misconceptions with some people is that they believe that clipping their birds wings will hurt them. It in fact, absolutely does not. It's much like clipping your own fingernails. We do it very moderately. We only trim enough off of the wing so that the bird can catch themselves and glide down to the ground.
We don't want them to crash or injure themselves. But we don't want them to catch any height. But even with this moderate wing trim, we still advise caution if you're going to take your birds outside, a good gust of wind can still take a bird with trimmed wings up into a tree.
Dr. Laurie: Yeah, and every year we lose a couple of patients because people forget that wings grow back. We trim the outermost five or six feathers, the primary feathers. We will show people how to do this at home. A lot of people are not comfortable doing this. But before you take your bird out, particularly if you're out in the countryside or you're taking your bird out at all, you need to test fly them inside.
That means let them jump off the table and make sure they don't get lift sailing around your room. Because all it takes, as you said, is one gust of wind and away they go. It's not painful. It's really safe. They can still exercise and flap and still move around, but they really do not need to be flying around your house and getting into danger.

  • Ibra Chay
    Ibra Chay

    i found my dog playing in my garden with a bird in his mouth so i saved that bird from being eaten , now he dose-not have wings any more ...lost a lot of his feather and i want to ask if someone had this situation before does the wings grow back ,,, this video talks about clipping wings not taking all of it out of the bird body , the bird i got his wings are totally out from body , does it grow back again ? anybody can tell me

  • schenkstroop

    don't clip !!!!!

  • Billymadisons Shampoo
    Billymadisons Shampoo

    They are birds, why the heck would u clip their wings?????

  • Jonathan Biel
    Jonathan Biel

    Then what’s the point in getting a bird that can’t fly. Birds are ment to fly. If you guys don’t want a pet that flys or that’s MENT TO FLY then don’t get a bird.

  • Gloria Marie Montgomery
    Gloria Marie Montgomery

    cliping a bird wings is like cuting a persons legs off.

  • rdr2 fan of Arthur Morgan all so a furry
    rdr2 fan of Arthur Morgan all so a furry

    Uhh no thank you

  • Snazzy

    My birds free fly, I will NEVER clip their wings they are BIRDS and birds F.L.Y it's in their nature, why get the 1 animal (besides bats and bugs) that flies out of millions of other animals that dont?

  • Kiwi the Conure
    Kiwi the Conure

    Shut uppppp. If you can’t handle a animal that flys don’t get one. Wing clipping is evil and affects them mentally. My bird plucked a bit over her wings being clipped. She is now a free flighted clipped bird! Waiting for them to grow back is very sad, but we make the best out of it. Protect your bird from danger by keeping it safe and away from it. You shouldn’t cook around birds, shouldn’t have open doors, you should cover windows or mirrors, etc. YOU ARE GETTING A BIRD, BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING. Clipping may not hurt physically, but hurts them bad mentally and it pisses me off that people are telling kids and stuff it’s okay. It’s like removing a cats claws but worse. Please do your research and don’t clip BIRDS. Update: it also causes a lot of health problems, like they get not enough exercise and loose muscle which is really bad. Or if their growing back the blood feathers can snap and they could bleed to death.

  • Stephen Lee
    Stephen Lee

    Don't forget to clip your hamsters feet too... we wouldn't want them getting into things they aren't supposed to. While you're at it, go ahead and clip your kids hands so they can get into anything that could harm them. Birds are meant to fly. They have wings for a reason. If you want an animal that won't fly around, don't get a bird.

    • AvianNauts

      Stephen Lee bro clipping your birds wings are like getting your nails cut, they grow back and they prevent major injury's like flying into windows

  • Sarah Omidi
    Sarah Omidi

    ⚠️ I absolutely disagree on this. My bird was clipped when I got him ( which I hated but knew would grow back), so he was scared of everything since he knew he could not fly away from danger ⚠️. He never wanted to come out of his cage, he was not exercised, and kept flapping his wings cause he did not feel stable on my shoulder or finger. You say that birds will fly into windows, but I have huge windows and my lovebird has never flew into them. If your scared your bird will fly out the window/ door you can recall train, or just close the window/door 😒. Kids get into trouble. Do you take there arms off. Same with a bird this cruel ⚠️

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius

    Heavens forbid! The bird might fly! It Would be nice to clip your spinal cord.

  • Emma Pelin
    Emma Pelin

    If you dont want a flying pet - dont get a bloody bird. I never had a problem with free flying my parakeets and I've never met anyone having a problem with theirs.

  • Don’t Worry About It
    Don’t Worry About It

    My bird has always been very good. Normally, we had his wings clipped, and I would take him outside all the time. One day, after we had let his wings grow out, he got scared by something and flew over my neighbors fence. I let them know, they climbed the fence, and saw my bird. He was in a tree in my backyard. So I climbed the tree, got him down, and put him inside. He’s also gotten himself stuck in high places, and we just kinda had to wait for him to come down. He liked to fly up and sit on top of the fan blades, so we couldn’t turn the fan on anymore, as we didn’t want him to fly into it. He would fly on top of the cabinets and chew them up. We ended up just keeping him in the cage a bunch, and it made me really sad. Eventually, we brought him in to get his wings clipped, and he has been fine. But the point is, do what you want with your bird, but don’t tell me what to do with mine. We clip his wings for his safety, not our convenience. I hate hearing that it’s mean or cruel to clip his wings. I know what’s best for my bird. And it’s different for every bird. I would modify my home and life in any way necessary for him, but I will also clip his wings, because I don’t want to hurt or lose him.

  • zander broomby-garrod
    zander broomby-garrod

    my bird is a lot happier with his wings clipped as he has more freedom. he has full access to outside and trees and he is a lot better around family and things are a lot easyer. however although i think my bird is best with clipped wings i think many other birds are best flighted. it dependends on the bird. my bird is a playfull energetic bird who wants to explore and adventure all day and he can do this better clipped

  • freaky Friday
    freaky Friday

    Bitches ! Don't take birds as pets then if you can't handle them or take care of them !

  • Hey It’s rissa
    Hey It’s rissa


  • Julia Leandro xx
    Julia Leandro xx

    Thanks, this actually helped. On Christmas of 2018, I’m getting a Budgie. Until it gets used to me, and I’m confident that it can fly around in my room without hurting itself, its wings will be trimmed. Mind you, this is the first time I’m gonna have a pet bird, so once I’m confident and I know my bird’s personality, I’m gonna flight train it, and maybe some day it’ll follow me around the house unharmed!

  • Todderina

    Why is everyone in the comments so salty about this? I clip my bird's wings and it is so much better , i have spaces above closets where if a bird gets on there , i wouldn't be able to have it get down without it wanting to get down. Especially if you are a beginner , it is much easier to look after a bird if it's wings are clipped , you won't have to deal with them flying around and having to try and catch them . And clipping doesn't mean they're gonna be clipped forever , once you get experienced enough you can have their wings grow out and have them be able to fly , and birds like a cockatiel can fly pretty okay if you dont clip too many wings , you dont want them to not-fly , you dont want them to fly for too long.

  • Bepis

    In my opinion you shouldn’t clip your birds wings if it’s not very dangerous in your home. I have never clipped my birds wings and have never had any problem with them flying around.

  • Mûrât Jan
    Mûrât Jan

    But ur taking the freedom from them to fly.. 🦅

  • Tatiana Williams
    Tatiana Williams

    Why do our birds have to suffer for our own convenience? It makes me so mad when people get birds and don't want them to fly. If you don't want a pet that flies, DON'T GET A BIRD. Its also like people having other pets. Dogs and babies can get into stuff too, along with many other animals. We don't cut off their legs. Flying is a birds means of transportation. And walking is almost all animals means of transportation. This applies to all things, you wouldn't get rid of a babies legs, or a fishes fins so why would you get rid of a birds ability to fly?

  • Pink fluffly unicorns Dancing on rainbows
    Pink fluffly unicorns Dancing on rainbows

    I know most comments are like, no bird clipping. Clipping isn’t bad once you know how your bird acts. Mine loves to explore and get himself into trouble. Then I have two dogs and four siblings, it’s a lot. Doors are always closing and opening. I don’t want to lose another bird. If your house isn’t busy all the times, and your bird can understand not to “park” on top of a dog. Then don’t clip them

  • Corner H
    Corner H

    My dad didnt like the idea of cliping wings but my parrot always flies away so thats one of the reasons why I wanted to do that edit:but now that I think about it I dont need to do that

  • Constantinos Constantinides
    Constantinos Constantinides

    Birds was born to fly like humans born to walk. Is that f****g simple. Stop cliping

  • Bree ;-;
    Bree ;-;

    My budgie flew away yesterday and i don't know what to do 😞

  • Idkgirl07 Msp
    Idkgirl07 Msp

    I definitely wanna trim my birds wings because she had hurt herself or close to many times. She had fallen down my bed side and was stuck so I had to help her. I have friend that has done it and it is very helpful

  • Daesung Chun
    Daesung Chun

    200th comment

  • Katy Random
    Katy Random

    I watch a lot of bird channels but I find all of them boring. Then I found HowCast. Now I can't stop watching it.

  • Joanne Do
    Joanne Do

    It’s taking the birds flying ability away from it

  • gaming singh
    gaming singh

    Babies get in all sort of troubles u cut their legs off ?? Noo Don't get a bird if u can't give it a proper attention and care.. it's not a toy, it not something u get just coz u want to have fun, Parrot r smart and loving beings and u have to care for them, otherwise don't get a parrot

    • Whabazoo

      gaming singh - Baby legs don’t grow back like clipped wings.