High Flying Bird - Disrupting Sport and Film
Steve Soderbergh's latest film is shot entirely on an iPhone 7. In this video essay, I discuss how this decision and the mastery of Tarell Alvin McCraney's screenplay make High Flying Bird a manifesto on responsible disruption.
Credit and thanks to Owen Walters for his awesome Netflix motion art.
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  • Bo Quintana
    Bo Quintana

    Superb video. The ontological ramifications of the “you’re sitting in my seat” scene are absolutely killer too, in my opinion. Quinto’s character is shrouded in shadow, while Holland’s is displayed clearly and powerfully. Flipping the script on old filming conventions re: shooting a black person and white person in the same frame (think Imitation of Life). Beyond just accessibility, I think Soderbergh suggests that microbudgets and iPhone movies are revolutionary for marginalized racial communities as well. HFB is a masterpiece

  • Nicholas Oon
    Nicholas Oon

    Just saw the film and I think this is a great video essay! Made me appreciate the film a lot more. What do you read/watch to create your analysis? I'm inspired.

  • Think PIONEERing
    Think PIONEERing

    @1:58 what's the song???

  • Geoff Gershon
    Geoff Gershon

    Just watched this movie and you nailed it with this review - I'll be watching more from this channel.

  • Jorn Truyen
    Jorn Truyen

    Loved the introduction and a well-rounded analysis. Also, props for the Roy Andersson video essay!

    • Film Qualia
      Film Qualia

      thanks man!

  • Siddarth Pai
    Siddarth Pai

    You’re gonna get big.. soon my friend

  • Thomas Hester II
    Thomas Hester II

    I’m already hooked 20 seconds in Great start I’ve now subscribed w/ the notification button on Looking forward to to what comes next for this channel

    • Film Qualia
      Film Qualia

      Thanks dude! That's so nice to hear

  • jackpotsb3

    I couldn't get through the whole film, I turned it off after about 30 minutes. I'm glad this video showed me that it has something to say about contemporary capitalism and exploitation and race (as I suspected it did), and I'm glad these subjects are being discussed, but I just couldn't stand the style of the film. The dialogue was so heavily expositional and it felt very stilted a lot of the time. And the visual style was just so bland. The visuals didn't have the subtle poignancy of Sex, Lies, and Videotape, it was just bland. I just thought it was boring to look at and listen to, honestly.

    • jackpotsb3

      @Film Qualia Yeah I'm not a huge fan of Sorkin either, but I think his dialogue is sharper than the dialogue in this film. Or at least it is usually better acted.

    • Film Qualia
      Film Qualia

      I totally get that, although I disagree about the visual style, I think this kind of dialogue is often very polarising. Was wonder how you feel about Aaron Sorkin's stuff?

  • Trap Lore Ross
    Trap Lore Ross

    Loved this. Great analysis and excellent soundtrack 🎉

    • Film Qualia
      Film Qualia

      thought of ya when I picked the first instrumental

  • Mitchell Mckenzie
    Mitchell Mckenzie

    I read film was made on iPhone 8