High Flying Bird | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
In the midst of a pro basketball lockout, sports agent Ray Burke (André Holland) finds himself caught in the face-off between the league and the players. His career is on the line, but Ray is playing for higher stakes. With only 72 hours to pull off a daring plan, he outmaneuvers all the power-players as he uncovers a loophole that could change the game forever. The outcome raises questions of who owns the game - and who ought to. Directed by Academy Award winner Steven Soderbergh (Traffic) from a script by Academy Award winner Tarell Alvin McCraney (Moonlight) HIGH FLYING BIRD features an acclaimed ensemble cast that includes Zazie Beetz, Melvin Gregg, Sonja Sohn, Zachary Quinto, Kyle MacLachlan and Bill Duke, plus appearances from NBA athletes Reggie Jackson, Karl-Anthony Towns and Donovan Mitchell.
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High Flying Bird | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Joseph Anthony
    Joseph Anthony

    One of the most tedious, uninvolving movies I have ever seen.

  • IHasserGaming

    This movie was shot on Phone using Filmic pro!! Amazing work 👏👏

  • X Ultra Vapr
    X Ultra Vapr

    Melvin Gregg?

    • X Ultra Vapr
      X Ultra Vapr

      Oh nvm that is him 🤦🏽‍♂️ 😶😐

  • F dL
    F dL


  • Nikolas Ortiz
    Nikolas Ortiz

    why the fuck was this shot on a iphone 7 or 7s in 2019 i mean the directer has enough money for a better and more effecient camera from the IPHONE X OR XS or XR

  • Waverly Timberlake
    Waverly Timberlake

    Movie sucked

  • Dale Cvetkovic
    Dale Cvetkovic

    Stupid boring movie with B actors. No story nothing happens. If this is the life of pre nba id hope to become a pro very soon instead of this lock out crap

  • Tajma Cameron
    Tajma Cameron

    I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Andre Holland was a standout as usual.

  • Drama Queen
    Drama Queen

    No puedo creerlo que solo se haya grabado con un Iphone😯😯

  • Mahesh Walatara
    Mahesh Walatara

    iPhone Xs???

  • Wes Yates
    Wes Yates

    Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the sports drama High Flying Bird is unique in both plot and production. For starters, it was shot entirely on an iPhone.

  • That Dude U Hate
    That Dude U Hate

    Man, Soderberg love shooting on iPhone now.

  • Jack Xiao
    Jack Xiao

    What's the gear list? Is it slow to transfer the videos out of the phone between takes?

  • Andrew D
    Andrew D

    this shits trash

  • The Life Of The Realest K
    The Life Of The Realest K

    I’m about to watch this movie on Netflix rnnn

  • Charles P
    Charles P

    Tried to enjoy this but every other conversation had to include derogatory racist statements against whites. No wonder today’s black youth act like it’s the year 1760. They’re brainwashed by movies like this telling them all evil is white.

  • Milky Boy
    Milky Boy

    Why do NETFLIX keep making garbage .

  • Frank Eiche
    Frank Eiche

    Great Shit for Manitou !

  • rahp Seraphial
    rahp Seraphial

    gee I'm so surprised this isn't getting a theatrical release... *chuckles*

  • Nik Ko
    Nik Ko

    Wtf. Been waiting for some actions! 😫

  • GRM Presents
    GRM Presents

    Interesting concept, I like to see how it unfolds.

  • Albi Losha
    Albi Losha

    Shot with just the iphone * plus 200 dollar anamorphic lens * 300 dollar ND filters * 250 dollar gimbal and 30 dollar picture app. Bot to mention the rest of lighting equipment. Dont get fooled people.

  • Chris Pisarczyk
    Chris Pisarczyk

    Where’s Noel Gallagher?

  • Netson Eng
    Netson Eng

    It's amazing to know that this is only shot on an IPHONE

  • 1shot

    I watched like 30 minutes of it and fell a sleep this movie sucks

  • Waverly Timberlake
    Waverly Timberlake

    The movie was trash

  • Le Time and The Place
    Le Time and The Place

    Trade reggie

  • siraj guly
    siraj guly

    Directed by Noel Gallagher lol

  • Libena Starikova
    Libena Starikova

    I like this but I really hate that the lead has made himself a 96% carbon copy of Denzel Washington in cadence and style. He needs to own his own skin, not Denzel's.

  • DvlzWar .inst
    DvlzWar .inst

    Well just because you shot the film in iPhone, that doesn’t mean you have to edit the trailer in iMovie.