Flying Alongside Common Cranes Over Venice
John Downer Productions
Common cranes have been hand-reared to fly alongside a microlight to capture these images.
Earthflight (Winged Planet) uses many different filming techniques to create the experience of flying with birds as they reveal some of the greatest natural and man-made monuments of the planet.
Clip taken from the 'Europe' episode of Earthflight (Winged Planet). You can download this episode or the whole series on iTunes in the UK at:
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A John Downer Productions
Narrated by David Tennant
Music composers: Will Gregory and Steven Faux
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  • mechanical machines
    mechanical machines

    Great captured

  • Toufique Alam
    Toufique Alam

    Beautiful look

  • vaishali Barai
    vaishali Barai

    Wowe suparb

  • Rejwana Ferdousi
    Rejwana Ferdousi

    Amazing video

  • Jeffrey Lebowski
    Jeffrey Lebowski

    It's so fascinating to see if they go over to gliding, the shape of their wings morph exactly to similar versions of airplane wings.

  • Jeffrey Lebowski
    Jeffrey Lebowski

    THese are INSANE pictures how the hell did they make them?

  • Gianni Marson
    Gianni Marson

    Una splendida colonna sonora. Complimenti vivissimi a Will Gregory and Steven Faux per la buona collaborazione.

  • Quirino Gonzalez
    Quirino Gonzalez

    good film

  • Daniel Thlamuana
    Daniel Thlamuana

    can the humman tuch the crane

  • Ramy G
    Ramy G

    How on earth did they capture this moment!!...Did they strap a camera to one of the cranes???

    • Prestige Parts
      Prestige Parts

      Probably a microlight like that other guy. They seem to follow it

  • ?

    look so effortless

  • Adithya Praveen
    Adithya Praveen

    Beatifull place and video......well created

  • Aileen  De La Cruz
    Aileen De La Cruz


    You fools! This is obviously filmed with a green screen and birds are placed in front of a enormous fan to engage flying.

    • Bk Jeong
      Bk Jeong

      +CJMLENS Nah, they used an ultralight.

  • spacey stacey
    spacey stacey

    omfg David

  • Andrée Marti
    Andrée Marti

    C'est en effet trés beau, d'une pureté ! ! ! la musique est belle aussi - je ne sais pas pourquoi ce matin ça a marché ???

  • Chad R. Larson
    Chad R. Larson

    It's David Tennant. Scottish. He was the ninth(?) Doctor Who, and is the head detective in Broadchurch.

    • Squeakabot

      Chad R. Larson 10th Doctor

  • ISledgehammerI


  • ben parslew
    ben parslew

    Such amazing footage. Anyone interested in more bird flight physics - please see my videos/website :)

  • Çağatay Aydın
    Çağatay Aydın

    sorry i saw now

  • Çağatay Aydın
    Çağatay Aydın

    where is this ?

  • Lachlan Gerlach
    Lachlan Gerlach

    i watched this in australia on tv and i seem to remember that it was an auzzie accent

  • Sonja


  • Lee Putt
    Lee Putt

    Does Earthflight/ Winged Planet have an accompanying soundtrack? I love the music!

  • Gurkan Abay
    Gurkan Abay

    many of the birds that were in the show, have been trained since they are born, not to be afraid of the microlights following them. again in this video a small microlight is used. you can see the production and shooting of the 5 episodes in the 6th episode of Earthflight. it is as interesting as the birds themselves :)

  • Trevor Fisher
    Trevor Fisher


  • adriaanYT

    Whooow !!!

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    Sidji Musicien


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    Addulrhman Madani


  • محمد حسين
    محمد حسين

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