Bird vs Fish | Blue Planet II
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Watch what happens when a Giant Trevally versus an Tern in this amazing fish eats bird clip from Blue Planet II. Usually Giant trevally are solitary hunters but they have come in numbers to try their luck at catching potential prey. Subscribe:
Fledgling Tern are wary to spend too much time on the water but even flying close to the surface puts them in grave danger.
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  • JustComments123

    Why did I search for this?

  • Jacob Masten
    Jacob Masten

    In Soviet Russia fish catch you

  • Bubble Dum
    Bubble Dum

    oh how the turntables

  • Sane Fran
    Sane Fran

    Thug life : water kingdom Imagine some million years of evolution and these things will be able to fly.... If humans find free energy and space travel and space mining of course

  • Erza Aulia Rachman
    Erza Aulia Rachman

    Giant trevally(Caranx ignobilis)

  • Gareth Mwakuluzo
    Gareth Mwakuluzo

    How do they record this

  • Andre


  • Sardar Ali
    Sardar Ali

  • Min Lee
    Min Lee

    Well, I thought birds hunt fish but I can’t be more wrong than that!

  • smiley jones
    smiley jones

    Stop Everything! ... thank you, Ronnie Chieng

  • Biscuit Abuse
    Biscuit Abuse

    Hey vegans, this is the real world!

  • Muzammil Ali
    Muzammil Ali

    Who the Hell dislikes this Stuff ??

    • Ahmad Safwan
      Ahmad Safwan


  • Stayloyal StaySuckafree
    Stayloyal StaySuckafree

    I feel really Bad for the fish,🐟 when the bird 🐦 comes out of it's rear end.😱

  • Melissa Lawrence
    Melissa Lawrence

    Talk about when the tables turn... 😳...

  • Philgob

    these birds literally had all the space in the world but these dumbasses came here

  • Chris Leslie
    Chris Leslie

    GTs are freaking crazy

  • Raian

    He's making it sound like the fish is some sort of scientist

  • Kulturang Bulok
    Kulturang Bulok

    Fighter plane vs submarine

  • Koopicoolest Marshall
    Koopicoolest Marshall

    Imagine a slurp noise every time one grabs a bird

  • Sardar Ali
    Sardar Ali

  • Hayashin

    Now fish eating human please.

  • Ash bringer
    Ash bringer

    All I have learned from this videos the ocean is another planet and stay the freak out of it; anything can eat you in the ocean.

  • Shrabony Deb
    Shrabony Deb

    How lucky we are....thanks good🙇‍♂️.....

  • S W
    S W


  • Vyacheslav Demeshko
    Vyacheslav Demeshko

    🐟👍 вот это да!

  • Sebastian Santilli
    Sebastian Santilli

    Wow that was impressive. Never saw a fish eating chicken :)

  • Matthew Souza
    Matthew Souza

    In soviet Russia fish eats birds

  • build6

    those fish did not look scary at all... until you see them attacking the birds, yikes

  • tarbahatai taularunan
    tarbahatai taularunan

    Красава чем этих тварьы тигр и лев ...

  • minhhieu truong
    minhhieu truong

    Mục tiêu chín xác