A Great Lesson From Geese in V-Formation
Ever wonder why and how Geese fly in V-Formation?

  • Em Jay
    Em Jay

    I have always wondered why they fly that way - I was lucky enough to see a bunch fly just over our roof into the sun set just now what a spectacle - Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us

  • Nothing is Here
    Nothing is Here

    I have do do so thing about these type of geese for my project at school AND THIS WAS SO MUCH HELP THANKS 🤩🥳

  • Haleemah

    Our school showed us this video os assembly

  • hecke1959

    The first geese at the front breaks the wind barrier. I like that two geese will help the sick one to the ground.

  • Mary Ann Knox
    Mary Ann Knox

    I Adore Geese

  • Gladus B
    Gladus B

    Thank u!!!

  • MD Proulx
    MD Proulx

    Thanks, Michael, this is so inspiring, I had this scripture in mind when I saw it. Romans 1:20 "For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities - his eternal power and divine nature - have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse." I shared it with friends to enjoy also. I was always amazed by the formation of Geese since I was a young boy growing up.

  • Lev Natan
    Lev Natan

    Thank you so much for this, very helpful for an upcoming presentation!!!

  • Caro Sal
    Caro Sal

    Thank You! This afternoon I saw Geese flying overhead in V-Formation, & they were honking! So amazing to see!!! You so answered my curious mind! Thanks again for explaining in a way that ties into & parallels the human condition, families, & communities! 😃

  • hunting videos
    hunting videos


  • 777

    Thumbs Up! We learn the golden rule and monogamous family from God's creation here, iirc, imho.

    • Michael Pacitti
      Michael Pacitti

      Nice comment!

  • Thoufeeq HS
    Thoufeeq HS

    What is this background music?

  • GreenBamboo

    ABM Student of Marikina high School from the Philippines, i learn from this video thanks allot sir :D #subnlike

  • Nitesh vishnoi
    Nitesh vishnoi


  • Shakia Frasier
    Shakia Frasier

    God is amazing for making these birds 🐦

  • Sami Alsakkaf
    Sami Alsakkaf

    This is great :) thank you :)sound of the music goes into your stomach...

  • Zefalien

    Music name?

  • Joseph Rodrigues
    Joseph Rodrigues


  • Catherine Kumar
    Catherine Kumar

    Geese in V Formation

  • Sitabai Ramlugun
    Sitabai Ramlugun

    inspiring for a leader

  • Butch Williamson
    Butch Williamson